Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 10 - Last post of my via Francigena

Finally. Now it's a slow ride to find the b&b that I had booked earlier considering this is the Easter weekend near the Tiburtina station. Actually more of pushing the bike as there are so many tourist. Actually I am officially now a tourist too! It's not easy to move around Rome without bumping into a tourist spot. Too many, heres 2 of them. The place I am staying are more residential and its nice to see how the people of Rome actually live. Got a flat (third) right outside the street of the b&b! Fixed it at the b&b and have it cleaned up. Will be sad to let it go, my steed for the last 10 days.

Tomorrow I will just relax and maybe ride along the Appian way, the only thing I have not done in Rome.

The experience of riding a bicycle to Rome is great, but I would probably walk my next pilgrimages. It is very tough and I have to give up or push on some of the trails. It may be faster but you experience more when walking.

That's it. Till the next pilgrimage.

Day 10 - Vatican City

Finally after 10 days probably 800+ km. There is a huge line to see the crypt and probably need to pay unlike Jimmy in Santiago. Sorry Pete, not going to see you up close. Thanks for the testimonium.

Day 10- The last via Francigena sign before the square

Quite unnecessary actually.

Day 10 - Almost there

I can see the Dome of St. Peter on the way down hill!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 10 - Leaving Formello

Weather report was right. Today's going to be wet. Glad this is the last day. The spring rain is more like a light drizzle but still a very slow ride to see Pete at the Vatican with blinkers on.

Day 9 - Sutri

Etruscan necropolis where they bury their dead. Moving on to the next town.

Day 9 - Formello

Good thing I'd decided on Formello. Probably the last small town before Rome which is 35 km away and you can even see it in the valley. It's a youth hostel that is also an ostello and it's also a museum. The theme is a tribute to via Francigena with steps going from Dover and over to France and every town and city until Rome which is the roof where the pananomic view with Rome in the backdrop.

Yesterday in Bolsena there were 2 Italians and an English couple who arrived very late. Today there are guests with luggage so I guess they are not doing the via Francigena.

Lots of km today. Should be at the Vatican tomorrow before lunch if it is not raining. The weather seems accurate as I am seeing dark clouds coming in around sunset.

Day 9 - Campagnago

At 4 pm the weather is still cold but warm enough to have a gelato and deciding if I should stay here or the next town Formello.

Day 9 - Sutri

Etruscan necropolis where they bury their dead. Moving on to the next town.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 9 - Capranica

Can't wait to get out of Viterbo (big city) and after a quick lunch at Vetralla, now heading to Sutri. Pit stop here in Capranica.