Monday, July 17, 2006

Why I walk the Camino?

(Puente la Reina)

Ironically, the story begins 4 years ago while I was driving in northern Spain when I almost knock down a couple of peregrinos trying to cross the road. Many signs along the road say 'Camino de Santiago'. I figured that since I am heading that way, I may as well go and find out more about it. In Santiago de Compostela, right in front of the Cathedral, I met an Austrian couple who had just finished their Camino. From them, I found out that it was not for religious reasons but personal and spiritual reason that they embarked on their journey, a journey which took them about a month to complete. Something in my head tells me I need to do it. That day, I looked at the Cathedral saying that I will be back again, and the next time I will be walking instead.

Four years later, I finally did it!

The timing couldn't be more perfect. I'd just turned 40 a year ago and was also looking for a new direction in my life. The Camino may not have given all the answers I am looking for, but it has certainly changed the way I look at life.

And a lot more...

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