Monday, July 17, 2006

You know you are Peregrino when...

10. You do the peregrino dance (like walking on broken glass) from the blisters on your feet when you move to and from the bathroom.

9. You realized that you can experience typhoon strength winds without going to Asia.

8. You walk 5 kms every morning for your first cup of coffee.

7. Like the real world, the camino goes up and down.

6. And like the real world, you hate going down.

5. And while you try to understand why there is pain in a particular part of your body, the next day the pain has shifted its location.

4. You buy cigarettes from a vending machine, and stamps from a tobacco shop.

3. You don't feel excited sleeping with many women (or men) in the same room.

2. You wish everything in life can be marked with a simple yellow arrow.

And the number one is....

1. Standing up after a long meal, you face winces from the strain on your legs as you take another 2 more seconds to balance your body. The look on your face.... priceless!

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