Sunday, August 20, 2006

Angels on the Camino

"We are one another's angels"

I had a really bad time physically during the first week and during the last few days of my camino. In the beginning, it was the blisters. Only much later did I realized that in addition to breaking the blisters with a needle, I have to leave the thread inside so that later breakouts has an exit for the liquid to escape.

I only wished I had followed Rosalinda's tips earlier. It's too late for me since my boots were not broken in and they were not a size bigger to allow the expansion of my feet.

The 2 French angels who helped me dressed my badly blistered foot.

A few days before Santiago, my ankles started to swell and I suspect that I had tendilitis. Since I was so closed to the end, I endured the pain for the last 50 kms of my journey. Many pilgrims, seeing how much I was suffering, suggest that I should stop. There is no way I was going to stop walking this close to Santiago. I just asked them what they would they do if they were me. As we are all pilgrims, they understood immediately.

The 2 German angels have done the same for my swollen ankles on my last night before Santiago.

I want to thank the angels for all that they have done for me. Thank you!

OK, I know that angels are supposed to be androgynous, but I swear they were ladies and they spoke French (and German)!

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