Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Burgos is one of the 3 big cities along the camino. The other 2 are Logroño and León.

You can get really lost as I did walking into the city. With all the distraction and noise, it was easy to miss the yellow arrow marker in this built-up area than say a small town.

One of the many churches in the city.

Finally, at the famous catheral in Burgos.


Exit door of the catheral, 1 euro for pilgrims and at least 5 times more for tourists to enter the cathedral.

One of the numerous altars inside.

A metal pilgrim statue at the park bench.

From Plaza Mayor, close to where I stayed for that night.

In Hostal Hidalgo. The only time during the camino I did not stay in an albergue as the only available albergue is a half hour's walk away from the cathedral. Many thanks to peregrina Isabella for bringing me here.

On the way out of the city the next day...

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