Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Food on the Camino

Food is a big issue on the camino. And us pilgrims needed lots of it to fuel up for the walk for the following day. It starts in the morning when with cafe con leche (expresso coffee with milk) and a morning chocolate roll or sandwich. Most of the time, a 5 kilometer walk is necessary before the cafe are open around 8 am.

Lunch is whatever we can find along the way. Bread, sandwiches (again), apple, oranges, muesli bars, chocolate bars, and especially bananas. Repeat after me... 'banana is your friend!'.

Dinner is either something you buy from the alimentacion to cook at the albergue, or for around 9-10 euros the peregrino menu at a restaurant in town. This would cover the wine, sometimes water, a first course, second course and dessert. After the meal, it's time to sleep. The reason is that the Spanish usually have their lunch after 2 pm and dinner after 8 pm. If we are lucky, we can find a restaurant that can serve us dinner before 8 pm.

Here are some of the pictures of food that I have taken.

This is a jamon (curred ham) sandwich from the train station on my way to Pamplona at the start of my journey.

In Pamplona, my first course. It's a local vegetable. Looks like an oversize celery.

Chorizo for bread to make a sandwich.

Another first course at a restaurant. Peas with pieces of jamon.

Chicken for the second (main) course.

A dessert of rice, milk and cinnamon. Not bad actually.

Yawn! Time to pay up and go to bed.

The one and only time I cooked my own dinner. Penne with eggs and ham. No points for guessing how it taste. Maybe that's why I did it only once. Needed the wine to drown the whole thing down.

An egg sandwich at San Juan de Ortega. Very good!

Kebab at Burgos. Ok, it's not Spanish food, but heck it taste real good!

Pulpos (boiled Octopus) in Galicia on a wooden plate with salted spices. Yum!

And the best dessert is the camino is the Tarta de Santiago (Santiago tart). It is almond with a dash of cinnamon. I am looking up the recipe now to make some for myself here.

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