Thursday, August 17, 2006

Interview with a Peregrino from the Germany: Peter

(The mountainous stretch after Cruz de Ferro)

"When I was passing this stretch, I thought about you. This is probably as far away (not physically speaking) as Evan can get from Singapore. - Peter"

(You are so right Peter!)

1. Why the Camino de Santiago ?

I have been dreaming about going on this long pilgrims way since many years. I have grown up in the black forest and therefore used to long distance walking. I also have a deep understanding of religion, meditation and spirituality. The best way to combine all this was to do the Camino de Santiago. So I look at myself as a real pilgrim, not a hiker!

2. Have you found what you were looking for?

Yes indeed I have found it. As you may remember, I walked most of the time alone and started very early in the morning. This was the best of time on the day for me. But I also appreciated the discussions over the evening meals on our life circumstances, problems and plans. It helped me clarifying my own situation.

3. What surprises you the most about the camino?

It was definitely the open mind of almost everybody to discuss and to assist the other pilgrims.

4. You seems to be very knowleadgeable about the camino, what did you do to prepare for it?

I have read a lot about the camino. Almost everything I got my hands on. On the other hand I am always interested in the facts of the pilgrimage.

5. There are people who uses other transportation along the camino for sightseeing particularly near the end, any comments on that?

I have no objection against these as long as they let me do my walk and stay out of my way. If they occupy the albergues then this is something different. Then they disturb my concentration on what I am doing. This is falseness (does this verb exist?) and hypocrisy.

The pilgrim´s way is simple and down to earth. Respect nature and the others. As long as this is respected this is o.k with me.

6. Are you planning for another camino?

Yes, I have another plan. There are many pilgrim´s routes to go in Europe and now - I am retired - I have the time for it.

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