Sunday, August 13, 2006

On taking pictures during the Camino

Some pilgrims would rather not carry a camera as they might be a distraction to their camino. Other will bring along their digital camera, but they may not be as portable as one would like.

As for me, I use my camera phone. The year and a half old Nokia 6670. That way I don't have to carry too many devices, and the phone is portable enough that I can take any picture at a moment's notice. Although it has no flash and pictures with only 1 megapixel resolution, it's more than adequate for blogging. In fact, I still have to resize all my camera phone images down from 1152x864 to 400x300 for this blog.

(If you want to print your photos then you will probably need at the minimum a 2 megapixel camera)

Having an expanded 512 Megs memory card allows me to take more than 500 pictures during my camino on the phone.

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