Sunday, September 3, 2006


Castrojeriz is a beautiful place. About 7 kms from Hontanas, this is one of my favorite site on the camino. So much so that the banner at the top of this site is taken in Castrojeriz.

The ruins of the convent of San Antón before Castrojeriz.

The road before Castrojeriz. Ruins on top of the hill, the collegiate church at the bottom right.

Breakfast that morning was at the cafe just opposite the church. The town is along the ridge to the left.

Didn't climb up to the ruins as there is a bigger hill I need to walk up later. The camino marker points to the left towards the town of Castrojeriz.

After the town, I'm faced with the steepest ascent along the camino other than O Cebreiro. Lucky it was only a few hundred meters.

Taken from the top looking back at Castrojeriz.

The climb was short lived. Almost immediately after, it's downhill all the way again.

The Camino has it's ups and downs, just like in real life.

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