Monday, September 11, 2006

Hospital de Órbigo

After León, the camino splits into 2 separate paths only to be joined later at Hospital de Órbigo. Places with 'Hospital' name along the camino usually meant that the pilgrims during the middle ages was protected in this area by the Order of St. John, ironic since the legacy in the modern day are mostly associated with St. John hospital and ambulances. Back then they were knights, much like the defunct Knights Templar.

A town before Hospital de Órbigo with underground cellar for wines. No, it's not where the seven dwarfs lived.

Right before the Puente de Órbigo (bridge). It's got to be the longest bridge in the whole of Camino Frances.

The beginning of the bridge. Below, the river Órbigo.

The bridge goes all the way to the buildings at the back.

Church of la Trinidad (Trinity).

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