Saturday, September 9, 2006


Founded way back during the Roman times as a settlement for Legio VII Germina, the city had a couple of name changes before it becomes just León. It's a major big city along the Camino besides Burgos.

The old city wall still visible today.

The cathedral, Santa Maria de la Regla. It's huge!

View from the side.

I could barely fit the view onto my phone camera, which is by default slightly wide angled. Nice location to have my afternoon coffee and to write my journal.

Entrance of the cathedral. It's got to be one of the best Gothic church in Spain.

Inside the cathedral.

Again, couldn't fit everything into this picture.

Just can't get enough of this majestic cathedral.

San Isidore.

Inside the collegiate church.

Lot's of activity in the streets on Sunday.

San Marcos the next morning on the way out of the city. It's now a parador (a five star state hotel).

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