Saturday, September 23, 2006

O Cebreiro

It was a very tough climb up the mountain to O Cebreiro for me. This was compounded by the heavy rain that day. Although the rain did stopped around mid afternoon, it was still cold up there even with the sun shining.

Up the steep gradient slope in the rain.

Enjoying the scenery on the way up O Cebreiro. Beginning to see ferns growing alongside the path, signs that says this is a wet region.

O Cebreiro. Gift shop. There are just as many tourist here as pilgrims.

Church of Santa Maria la Real in O Cebreiro. A miracle (transubstantiation) supposely occured here in the past.

The tavern. Excellent ambience and food. Finally in Galicia, I can taste food like pulpos (boiled octopus) and other delicacies from this region.

Old historical mountain hut with straw thatched roof (pallozas).

View from the albergue. What goes up must come down, something I don't have to worry about until the following day.

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