Saturday, September 16, 2006

Rabanal del Camino

Rabanal is a quiet town at the foothills. A perfect place to rest before the climb to Foncebadón, the highest point in the Camino.

At 2 pm the line started to form outside maybe the only English run albergue in the Camino (Confraternity of St James). It's only 20 beds so if you are not there early enough, you are better off staying at the other albergue in town. Tea is served at 4 pm, with biscuits. Very English.

The church is right next to the Albergue.

The church service mass was conducted in 3 languages. I heard English spoken during the mass for the first time in my camino. The other languages are Spanish and German. 2 priests were needed for that.

Like in many churches along the camino, St. James is always present.

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