Friday, October 13, 2006

Caminho da Fé - A Brazilian Camino

From a fellow Brazilian pilgrim Isabel who had just completed her Caminho da Fé (Road of the Faith).

During 14 days I walked for 414 Km...
I am happy....

I am very happy for her too. Would be even happier if I can join her for the journey... :)

More information about the Caminho da Fé here.

From the map, it really looks like Camino Franca in reverse, and about half the distance. The journey is from either Tambau or Mococa to Aparecida.

The impact of the Camino is certainly profound. Already 2 pilgrims I know had embarked on their second walk in less than half a year. Even for me I am getting an inner call to do another camino almost every day.

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