Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Camino Primitivo - Day 7

My first update after 7 days. I am now in Grandas de Salime. One of the few towns big enough to have internet access.

Tomorrow I will be leaving Asturias and entering Galicia. It will be a tough day. See for yourself.

The mountain on the other side is Alto del Acebo (not the same as the french way). This was a shot from this morning. I am now somewhere at the bottom. Over the top of the mountain is Galicia.

Camino Primitivo is also in many ways more primitive than the Camino Franca. Many albergue are situated in a place with only farm houses and no food so you will have to buy provisions in advance. Many villages are so small there is not even a bar to have coffee or restaurants for a meal. You will be considered lucky to have coffee before the afternoon. I ended up drinking too many cups near the end of the journey each day. Let's hope the situation is better after Galicia.

Albergue in PeƱaseita. Beautiful view. No restaurant but at least there is bar nearby. All the laundry you see is mine. Shared it with 2 other pilgrims that night.

On the other hand, the albergue are usually empty. This time I am lucky to have 1-4 pilgrims to share the albergue throughout the last 7 days. No need to fight for the bath and beds. :)

This camino goes through a mountainous area. You go up and down quite often. It can be cold and misty, but when it is clear it is like being in heaven. Not recommended for the first timers, but for anyone who has done the French way, this will be a very good one to go next. It is very different experience, but the essence of the camino is still there.

I'll write again when I am able. For more pictures, it will just have to wait until I am back.

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