Monday, May 14, 2007

On Dreams While Walking The Camino

What dreams do you have while you are walking the camino? I don't mean those that you have while walking but those when one is asleep at night.

I have a recurring one. Twice in the Camino Frances last year and once this year during my Camino Primitivo. In my dreams I woke up twice at home and once in the US in my college years (that was ages ago) realizing that I have not yet finished my walk in the camino. In a frantic state to return to Spain and resume my camino, that's when I woke up from my dreams.

One could have easily intepret the dreams as fear of not able to complete my camino perhaps due to injury (real or perceived). Whatever it is, I hated these dreams (nightmare).

Are these dreams quite common, or is this just me...

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