Tuesday, May 1, 2007

People That I have Met On My Camino Primitivo

This primitive way is relatively quiet since over 82% of the pilgrims are walking the french way. Most of the time, you only get to meet other pilgrims after the day's walk. Here's pretty much all the pilgrims that I have met.

Ida from Holland (far left), Pascual with his 2 lady companions from Spain. Not forgetting me (second from the right), looking like an idiot wondering if the self timer on my camerphone is working.

Ida is also a volunteer hospitalero at 'Hospital de Obigo' in the French camino (the place with a long bridge after León) every year in the month of October. If you are there in that month, say hi to her for me.

When I joined the French way at Melide just before the last 2 days of my journey the situation becomes different. Pilgrims begin to dot the landscape (ok, I am exaggerating). I lost contact with the pilgrims from the primitive route but make new ones.

Meet Norbert and Wolfgang from Germany, and Thomas from Norway. They have all walked the French way (Norbert and Wolfgang from SJPDP and Thomas Astorga). Like all pilgrims, they have discovered what it is like to lead a simple life, and finally here in Santiago de Compostella drinking outside and helping newly arrived pilgrims with directions to the bar cathedral.

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