Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 4 - El Real de la Jara

Only 17 km today but the next town is 20 km away in Monesterio. This is the border town. Today Andalucia, tomorrow Extremadura. The best albergue so far although you have to pay 8 euro.

Arrived around 11.30 am. The albergue has cooking facility. Can't wait till 2.30 pm to have lunch so I cooked up my version of penne a la arriabiata (thanks to someone who left some pepper corn at the kitchen) with peas and some spam for meat. Shared it with 2 other Germans and an Austrian. Normally I wouldn't even eat my own cooking, but I guess pilgrims are an easy lot when it comes to food.

A nice view from the castle on top of the hill. The albergue is the first building on the top left.

Waiting for the free internet. It's available only after 6 pm. Before that, it is use for the students in the town.

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