Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walking the Camino via de la Plata

I will be walking the Camino via de la Plata starting around the 24/25 April 2008 and ending around early June. The journey is slightly more than 1000 km from Sevilla (Seville) to Santiago de Compostela.

For those with Google Earth, you can see the actual route via the following kml file.

I've also planned to do some moblogging (mobile blogging) during the journey whenever possible, depending on the cellular coverage, costs, and hopefully some free internet wifi hotspots. For that, I will be using the Nokia e61i. No promises on how often this blog will be update. My previous post is a test of this mobile blogging.

This will be the only electronic device I will be carrying. It will my phone, camera, alarm clock, mp3 player (music and also to learn some Spanish from pre-recorded podcast) along the way.

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Alx said...

Hi Evan,

I've been looking for a kml file of the Via de la Plata, and yours seems to be perfect, but the link is not working :(

Do you still have it somewhere? could you send it to me at

I'm building up a map to see how it'd be possible to walk around the mediterranean sea.

Thanks a lot :)