Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interesting People - Sebastien and Joseba

In Zamora, I opened the door in the albergue to let Sébastien (from Belgium - left) and Joseba (from Basque - right) around 10 pm so they can crash for the night in the this new albergue's huge kitchen area. It had started to rain, and they told me that another pilgrim in the albergue had told them that they are too late and refused to open the door for them.

Sébastien and Joseba had just walked their Camino Frances. They decided to continue their journey south, sometimes via hitchhiking. They had started their own blog to record their journey, beginning from Santiago. I was just given the link to their blog and was surprise to see myself in one of their videos.

Out of the 2 videos they had posted so far:

The first video had an interesting segment of Sébastien and Joseba lining up for food outside the Parador “Hostal Dos Reis Catolicos” in Santiago. This Parador is right next to the Cathedral and was built by Queen Isabella for the pilgrims. For taking the building away from the pilgrims, the Parador offers free food daily for the first 10 pilgrims (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Unfortunately the food is like in a cafeteria, and you can only dine in the staff lounge and not with the other paying customers. You need to have a copy of your credencial to be eligible, and not more than 3 days after you arrived in Santiago. I was planning to do this but the schedule and the reunion this time did not allow it. Maybe next time...

I appeared for a few seconds on the second video, taken right after I have led them to the dining/kitchen area.

I wish them a great journey.

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