Friday, October 3, 2008

Blogging On The Camino - Internet Access (Part 2)

On the Camino Frances, a few albergues have coin operated internet terminals. They are usually expensive (one Euro for only 15 minutes) and a closed system (no USB port to plug in any device).


A better way is to head for the local library (Bibloteca). They are free and most cities and town with a decent population in Spain will have one. They are usually closed after 2 pm and open again after 5 pm so you can take your siesta first and come in later in the evening.


You might have to wait your turn. Pilgrims are a patient bunch, no?

Alternatively, the majority of the libraries in Spain has unsecured free wlan (wireless lan) access. If you have a phone with wlan you don't have to wait. That way, you also allow the local kids to have more time on the computer. However, phone with wlan are not cheap.

The picture above is my Nokia E61i. All Nokia E-Series phones comes with wlan. Here is a partial list of all the phones with wlan support. The screen are small and they do require some technical know how to set up and operate. This may not be for everyone. Hopefully technology will make it easier in the future for just about anyone to use it. But for those who can hack this, here's what you can do right now with just 1 device (the really cool stuff are from point 5 onwards):

  1. Phone.
  2. Camera.
  3. Alarm clock.
  4. mp3 player.
  5. Ebook reader. (Read Paulo Coelho's The Pilgrimage during my last camino)
  6. Mail. (Including blog posting, more on that later)
  7. Light web browsing
  8. Voip (Skype or equilavalent). Cheap 2 cents a minute call anywhere in the world provided if you can put up with slight voice communication delay.
  9. Able to access the internet on Sunday even when the library is closed (provided the wlan signal is still strong from outside the library).

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Liam said...

Great site... Thank you Evan... Blessings... Liam Snell

Evan Low said...

Thanks Liam. Happy to share information on the camino to everyone.


StaceyWittig said...

I just got home from my El Camino journey. Brought along my DELL Latitude D620 and was scoffed by Germans and French alike. See the stories at