Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sharing the experience of the Camino

I received this in my mailbox (no, not the electronic one, the real one) today. Manfred, a German pilgrim whom I had met and walked together for more than half of Camino Via de la Plata in 2008 had sent this to me.

It is a copy of his pilgrim credentials and a DVD of his walk of the Camino del Norte in the summer of 2010.

I have been out action on the Camino since, but the way still beckons me, especially when the Camino del Norte is the final Camino I planned to walk in Spain.

I need find the time and opportunity, not so easy when you still have to hold down a job. When? 2011? 2012? No later than that....

Thanks Manfred, for sharing your Camino with me. While watching the video, it is as if I am also there (in spirit). No one appreciates the video more than another pilgrim. There is something about the Camino that cuts through people of all culture, language and age.