Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Now it's my wife's turn to walk the Camino

Just left on her 2nd leg of the Camino Frances this evening. She will be walking from Burgos to Astorga (or Ponferrada). Her 1st leg was this spring from St. Jean to Burgos.


Grandpa Joe said...

Hi Evan,

Wish your wife Buen Camino from us in New Zealand, kad a fleeting visit to Singapore in April but time too short to call you. Keep us posted, over 80% of Singaporeans now use smartphones so should be easy.


Evan said...

Thanks Joe,

Even the wife has an iPhone 4. Although without data roaming, it becomes a dumb phone when it is in Spain. :)

Grandpa Joe said...

Hi Evan, I had breakfast with a group of Singaporeans who stopped overnight in SDC on a tour to Ovieda led by a Spanish priest stationed in Singapore, we stayed at Area Central Hotel 20 minute walk from the Cathedral. This hotel is part of the Plaza Europa, there is a well stocked underground supermarket, internet and phone cards shops, food shops selling fruits, restaurant selling paella which reminded me of clay pot rice with prawns and other seafood instead of chicken, fast food big M and pizza, a modern plaza like Peninsular/Excelsior. Lovely view and central for buses and taxis.

We had a good Chinese food at the China Ming Restaurant,which is near the train station, google it, reasonable price, good service, can walk to the place and it is clean, new part of the city. A change from the Camino food.

Enjoy the Camino, hope to catch up on the technical geek stuff later.


Evan Low said...

Hi Joe,

I am not walking. She's doing it alone. Maybe next year I will do another camino and rendezvous will her in SDC when she do her 3 leg of the camino. :)

Grandpa Joe said...

Yes Evan, I realised that she is doing it alone with her backpack, all the more commendable especially when it is getting colder now.

We are attending a wedding in KL on July 28th next year and thought of catching Air Asia from Christchurch to London early July,catch up with my brothers and sisters there then hop over for a week Walk on the Camino. Then to KL.

Will keep you posted and may meet you and your wife in SDC!