Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 10 - Güemes

Taken from the albergue. The rest of the day is scorching hot, walking on the hot roads. Even the path are asphalt and not many trees for shade.

Bump into the 2 Juans again after separating in Santoña. As usual they had just finished lunch. They seems to know where and when to stop for food. With me, I basically live on sugar until dinner. It was so hot that I found them later lying down in the shade outside a unsold house. I promptly did the same. In fact, we all should take a siesta in the afternoon. Even the farm animals are doing do. Only mad dogs and pilgrims are out there walking in the hot afternoon sun.

In Cantabria, the arrows are not good. They are orange, few and easily missed. In addition, there seems to be more than a few paths and options for walking, making the signs even more confusing. Like I missed the beach today before Noja so have to take the road. All is well thanks to a combination of arrows, guide and Google Maps when one is really lost.

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