Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 10 - Güemes

Here the hospitelero is giving a presentation on the origin of the albergue. Had someone who is both good at Spanish/French, Spanish/German and Spanish/English translate. He is now a non active priest, goes to the university of life with his jeep across Europe, Africa and South America. Also his mission to the Camino, everything including the construction of the place, dinner, etc are all from volunteer. Incidentally this albergue is also donativo.

He also mentioned that the way of the North is very hard, that the arrows are there in Cantabria, just that it is harder to see compare with the Basque country, that not to say less about the other Caminos but they are like a highway compare to the north, that you need to be more creative here with many route cris crossing each other. Basically nothing I hadn't already know.

No preaching, all communal. Now I know where this is an important stop.


Anonymous said...

Only started reading your blog today Evan but so glad I did! Following it with interest as I hope to complete the Norte as some point.
Animo y buen camino!
p.s. we have had contact via the Camino Forum about biking the Camino de Levante

Anonymous said...


Glad it helps you. I can only say that biking the Norte in the first stage would be formidable. It gets better after Santander.