Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 11 - Sta. Cruz de Bezana

No picture for this post.

Just something I started writing before dinner.

Bezana is a suburb town outside Santander beside the railroad. Nothing much really.

Owner if the bar/restaurant told me dinner is only from 9 pm. Really can't understand why they eat so late here.

Having a coffee outside to decide what to do for almost an hour. Witness a local directing another pilgrim to another place, cheaper lodging? Mine is 35 euro (hotel). The other place is also  a hotel and looked even more expensive. Maybe there is a cheaper place I can't see. This is a small town. In any case my condition upon arrival earlier was so bad that I am willing to take any first available lodging. If there is another cheaper place then it is probably local knowledge.

Think I better move and hope to find an establishment that serves dinner earlier....

Nope. Only bars. Bought some food at the supermarket and is now back to the bar/restaurant for dinner.

Interesting how the kind of food I buy is different for the each Camino. Besides the usual, this time round I have a penchant for yoghurt drink. 750 ml of yoghurt drink scoffed down at one go (since it requires refrigeration). Does wonder for my digestion.

Tomorrow it should be just under 30 km or less to Santillana del Mar (I hope), the last place I stopped ten years ago in 2002 before Santiago de Compostela. Imagine less than one day of driving requires about three weeks of walking.

Thinking now what if I have not discovered the Camino de Santiago ten years ago? I could have decided to drive to another place and not know anything about this. I don't think that just by purely reading about the Camino de Santiago would make me to do it. It was actually seeing the pilgrims arriving in Compostela that had the impact on me when I was there the first time.

My mind is shutting down.. Must have been the wine. Time to catch the zzzzzzz monster.

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