Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 12 - Raining in Santillana del Mar

Rain (drizzle) and getting cold after 2 hot and sizzling day. Hope that there would be no rain tomorrow.

Dinner prices are a few euro higher in this tourist town, unless you just get out of the town to the shop houses next to the parking lot for the tourist bus. Remembered that from my last trip here.

1.5 km south of here is the Altamira cave, the Sistine Chapel of neolithic cave paintings. No way to be able to visit it tomorrow. Besides, all these caves including the ones in France are all replicas. Too much humidity from the tourist with spoil the paintings in its natural environment. Better to just see it on the Internet.

A little more than a third into the Camino and the landscape and terrain is getting easier (pending good weather). That and the roads from tomorrow are more straightforward, no more dozens of alternatives.

The technical and creative part hopefully can take a back seat for a while. The journey continues....

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