Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 13 - Comillas - Churros

The sweet kind. With sugar or with chocolate dip.

Weather has changed and is now at least 20 degrees colder than 2 days ago. Had a nice nap after lunch.

Dinner is a more modest frozen pizza from the supermarket and microwave at the albergue. It also have a fridge so I don't have to drink my yogurt all at once.

Still I can't help having the churros before dinner. I am such a pig.

Now after dinner and having Té Roja (red tea - actually a tea substitute that has zero caffeine and heaps of anti-oxidant). Very hard to get in Singapore but is in every supermarket here. I am also on a mission to buy as many as I can carry home after this Camino.

Hope my knee will be ok tomorrow. It's also hard for the next few days to engineered staying in an albergue. Either the distance is too short or too long, which explains why the 2 Juan decided to move on after Santillana.

For me, I only need to worry one day at a time. Doing the 4 things (eat sleep walk wash) on the Camino is already keeping me busy to worry about the next few days. Just realized the shops are closed today. Means it is already Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday. Oh no....

Signing off.

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