Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16 - San Esteban

View from the albergue in San Esteban. The sea over the hills and on the other side, supposedly cloud covered Picos de Europa so nothing much to see. That was the same 10 years ago and it had denied me once again.

There's only me and one other German pilgrim here. There's nothing in this town except about 5 houses (including the albergue), no bars or restaurants. Good thing I already ate. Dinner was just some food I had in my backpack. At least it will be a quiet night.

The weather this evening is freezing! Even with the sun out earlier in the day, the wind was so cold that the moment you stop walking, you feel the chill. Plus there is no heat in the albergue, as in the other albergues. They seems that think that it is no longer necessary in May, despite the contrary. At least we got blankets. My 10-15 degree sleeping bag is already not adequate.

I am about halfway now in the journey. The backpack is now part of my body, my feet is now part of the road, my mind is slowly becoming part of my spirit.

That said, the Camino del Norte is not as easy as the other Caminos to let the mind wander (e.g. crossing train tracks where there are no signals). It's narrow, many twists and turns (although a little less after Santillana), the mind has to think more about the way. For the lack of a better word, I would say it is more technical. But what you see every day is awesome, another factor that is not allowing your mind to wander.

Signing off now.

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