Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 20 - Crudillero (2 km away from the way)

Enough walking after around 23 km. Deviated from the Camino about 2 km to stay in Crudillero rather than continue for another 11.5 km to Soto de Luiña.

A very picturesque fishing village. Very steep roads. Reminds me of Cinque Terra in Italy. Stayed at a one star hotel at 38 euro with breakfast. Time to indulged myself. More pictures to come after I walk around the town more.


Caroline said...

Hello Evan, nice to see your blog. Geh, you are going fast! Fanny to see the ficture of the german pelgrim Hajo who was sleeping together with you in the hostal.
I'm at home now for 2 weeks, I had to interrupt the camino.
Good luck!!
Caroline (from Holland, who drank the most of the wine in Llanes)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you have been. Anyway, it is not fast. Have to listen to my body. Still some more days to go. :)