Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 24 - Ribadeo (Albergue)

Nice, after the bridge and near the waters. I was too early and will have to come back after 4 pm. Now having a drink at the bar.

This is the last day on the coast. It is now just under 200 km left to Santiago.


Caroline said...

Hallo, already the last day at the coast and now will come the mountanins. You are lucky with the wether and it will be the same the next 2 weeks.
I took your foto from the group spanish guys, because I did not have one of them. See hallo to Hugo from France. I'm almost ready to go to the camino again.

Anonymous said...

Come back quickly before the weather changes. No more cold wind of the sea for me tomorrow. :(

Denise CHNG Lisan said...

Only 200 km left? Enjoy every moment!!! - Denise

Anonymous said...

You bet. There may be more walking after Santiago. -Evan-