Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 25 - Albergue in Lourenzá

Two bikers. Now there is only the Spanish girl Neus today here so far. The Frenchman Hugh is spending an extra day in Ribadeo. Colin and Margaret is starting again further down the way. So is the German couple who only stays in hostals/hotel.

I had lunch 5 km before Lourenzá and the last few km was heavy (literally). Lourenzá is still big enough with a population of 240. In the next couple of days some of the refugio town will be very small.

On the Camino, every shower is heavenly, every meal is a feast, every sleep is bliss, every wash is a
chore, and every step brings one closer to self discovery. Especially now in Galicia where the waymarking is now a lot better and the much wider. It's like a highway compare with the path/road in the narrow winding coast.

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