Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 26 - Abadin

Gontan and Abadin is only 500 meters apart and can be considered as the same place.

In case some of you are wondering why I keep walking the Camino de Santiago, I really have no specific answer. Is it because of the simple life compare with the hectic modern life that we are living? Maybe. Is it because walking is the natural thing a human? Probably. Or is it because I feel so alive when I am walking from place to place? Yes.

So the reason for a repeat offender like me is probably somewhere among those reasons. And as much as I like to stay in some of those places for an extra day, something compels me to keep moving. Unfortunately It has to end soon. And I hope my Camino battery will be charged up. And probably after a few years it will need to be charged again.

I am really think that Spain is really wonderful, with the infrastructure to make this possible.

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