Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 29 - Sobrado dos Monxes albergue

The view from inside the albergue. It's in the monastery. It's crowded with 16 bikers from the UK. Teenage boys led by a group leader biking to Compostela.

Also found 2 tourgrims (pilgrims that does not walk, maybe only certain stretches, transported by car/van to each locations and stayed in hotels) here which surprises me. They did not stay here but did get a stamp for their credential in the monastery. You can always tell them apart with their tiny day pack, totally clean shoes/boots and their desperate attempt to get as many place as possible to stamp their credential.

My surprise is that Sobrado is not on the Camino Frances and is way under the 100 km to get a conpostela (60 plus km). Still it might be close enough as tomorrow is a nice 23.1 km to Arzúa (joining the Camino Frances).

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