Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 5 - Ramblings

Today is another long day. I am having a washing crisis from arriving around 5 pm too many times and not enough time for the washed clothes to dry.

Tomorrow is 30 km to Bilbao. I don't think I can make it all the way there judging from the timings in the past 2 days. Will probably stop at 20 km giving more time for the blisters to recover and my muscles to rest.

In addition, the weather for the next 2 days calls for rain, which will makes movement slower.

Camino del Norte seems hard, unlike the Camino Frances or the Camino via de la Plata, and I am not sure if the later stages will be easier. Even the Camino Primitivo I did not think was that hard (maybe because of the etape sometimes just under 20 km?).

Here, you meet people and you lose them. If there is fate you will meet them again.

I guess after the first Camino, arriving to Santiago de Compostela is not really that important. The journey is the reason.

Getting past the physical stage to free the mind for me will take a little longer than expected.

For whatever the reasons one walks the Camino, Buen Camino and good night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Evan, it does become easier. When I started in Santander on my first camino I met a bunch of peregrinos who had started in Irun, they looked battle hardened, they had been through the mill. You will start getting more albergues, the sections will have less ascents and descents. Until Galicia it will have its moments but it will start to get easier before that.

Buen Camino

Mike V

Anonymous said...

Thank for the encouragement Mike.

I had anticipated the first stretch to be tough, but it quite something actually doing it. :)