Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 6 - Zamudio

Not exactly a lodging for a pilgrim, but the condition today requires an exception.

Expecting quite a bit of road walking tomorrow after Bilbao. It seems to be quite urban for at least over 30 km till the coast again.

So bad was today that I had to move my legs after dinner to the left like a paraplegic before being able to stand. The body us ignoring the mind. A good sleep should do the truck.

The good thing about walking late spring is that the sun sets after 9 pm.

I change my mind. Instead of writing a daily journal, this instead will be my journal.


KS said...

sentsh ionmmuniIt´s so nice to read about the camino day to day, I walked my camino (frances) almost two years ago and I´m longing to make another one...I like when you write a bit more then just one or two sentences, it brings me good memories, so I´m glad you decided to make this a diary :-) Buen camino!

Grandpa Joe said...

Hi Evan, Glad to hear you are experiencing challenges and adapting to them. Versatility will make the Camino more fulfilling and your concise thoughts put for public display is excellent, pictures are worth a thousand words, writing longhand into my diary was for my personal thoughts. I also used the voice recorder in the smartphone which was used on the trot and also to record thoughts when too tired to write. Have a good Camino and we have been enjoying following your blog, working amazingly well in fb as well. Joe