Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 7 - Portugalete

Anton from Germany. He must be almost 70 (I didn't asked his age). I bumped into him a few days ago after Zumaia. He stopped just 4 km before Deba, checking into a hostal. And now he is ahead of me. This is actually quite normal on the Camino.

He is my Angel today. The albergue here in Portugalete is hard to find. And again, it is closed (open in June). Anton directed me to the pension he is staying. Very basic, 22 Euro without attached bathroom. Nothing like the hotel yesterday, which was cheaper (when divided by 3 if course).

Portugalete is a big enough place, and finding accommodation is not easy even with the guide and Google Maps as many of the addresses have no number. Thank you Anton.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Evan! How are you? You must be sleeping by now but even so me an Guida just want to say that we will be reading your blog and following your "way" everyday ;) We regret not taking more time to continue but we'll be back and maybe soon... Buen Camino and talk to you soon!