Friday, June 15, 2012

Backpack differences on the Camino

A big thanks to Francis for these photos. I believe this was taken after Miraz, a cold morning. We took our jackets off only after about 2 hours of walking.

You can see that both backpacks are on 2 opposite ends. Jonathan's backpack is 17 kg, with a 2 person tent, cooker, and that giant umbrella while mine is more of the norm at half that weight.

Carrying that much weight one risks injury especially on a long journey. I guess the age (younger) helps. :)


Unknown said...

I want to emphazise that i was not carrying "weitgh of fear" but just the things i needed for the goal i was pursuing, namely complete autonomy.

Evan Low said...


Understand my friend. This is mainly for the older generation, or the those who chance upon this site and are interested in the Camino but are not as well adapted to the outdoor activities.

Have great respect for your goals, including the final leg to Baronia after Noia instead of Fisterra like the rest of us.

Caroline said...

(I was responding a few times on your comment at my site, but now I see it is an noreplay-adress. Very smart of me :-))

Thanks for the comments, it was very nice. Now I read your last days, I had to laugh about the Pimientos Padron. They are so nice, I eat them almost every day in Galicia. It was very nice to follow you when I was home that 2 weeks in between. True, not only the phrase of the 4 things to do every day in the life of a pelgrim were similar (but it is the reallity), but your blog was for me an inspiration to make one also.
The last days by car with my son were also nice, but ofcourse very diferent. Next time I realy want to walk to the coast also like you. I was also lucky like you with the wether. And another similair thing we have is the 4 compostelas. Funny.
Still I'm not bored about the caminos and I have time till the end of august, so maybe I go back for a (or 2) small one(s) in Pays Vasco..
You are now already a few weeks at home, used to your normal life? And do you now what camino will be your next one?

Good luck and bye bye,

(ps. do you have maybe an emailadress of Hugh of France?)

Evan Low said...


Please grant the ability to email you direct from Google or if you have a Facebook account, even better. That way, you can follow more of my banter after the Camino and I can also sent you Hugh's email (not here as it is too public). So you also Hugh (Mr. Ayuntamiento de Avignon.. :).

As for the Camino, I still have the Portuguese route left. Will probably make a detour to Fatimah. When? Not sure. Maybe a year or two. Walking the Camino is like a Dream, but unfortunately dreams cost money... and time (both which I do not have much in abundance). Then maybe the new routes in the south like the Levante, and even the Madrid route after that. The roads in France will have to wait.

So you are walking again? Aruggh, makes me jealous!

Caroline said...
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Anonymous said...

Hola Evan, soy Juan de Málaga!! Me alegra que utilices la foto que yo te hice!! Saludos!!

Evan Low said...

Hola Juan,

Gracias. Me gusta mucho las fotos. Incluso lo uso para mi icono de avatar.

MOM said...

Evan, I will begin the Camino del Norte in early May. I found your site and read that you had downloaded a PDF file for Camino del Norte Accommodations and distance guide. When I clicked on the link it gives me an error message.

Would you be willing to send me your file? It seems that it would be ideal information to have along!



Evan Low said...

Hi Mary,

Somehow the file disappeared from my Google Docs.

I do have 2 other files on Google Docs on the accommodations.

An old Doc file I got from the Camino Forum.

And a spreadsheet which I have left open for anyone in the forum to update.

I hope that helps. There are some days where there are no choices but to find lodging in a pension/hostals.

Umberto said...
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