Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 32 - Credentials and Compostela

My credentials still have move places to chop. Fitting that I have decided to walk the next four days to the coast to Muxia and Finisterre.

The Compostela has my Latin name Evanum. The fourth one that most likely will stay in the tube indefinitely. It does not state which way you came from so I basically have four Compostela with just a different date.

At least I found out one thing. During the Mass at noon a pilgrim from Singapore starting from Irun was mentioned. That means that the statistics of the pilgrims read during the noon mass is from 12 pm the previous day to 12 pm of the same day.

Notice that I have also got a new credential (unopen) from the pilgrim office (0.75 euro). This means that I can start my next Camino anywhere just needing a stamp at the staring point.


Caroline said...

Well done, great you go on to the coast. I leave sunday to the camino again to finish it.
Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Good that you are coming back. I have not been able to get Pimento Padron since. :(

Hope I can get some before my journey is over.

Buen Camino Caroline.