Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 35 - Sunset in Muxia

Forgot that I am in the albergue with a 10 pm curfew. Should have stayed in a hostal so I can watch the sunset from the coast. In any case this is the sunset view from the roof in the albergue.

Tomorrow will be my last day walking down to Fisterra. :(


Gilles Besançon said...

Hi Evan ! You've done it !
I followed your travel since i stopped in bilbao
What a wonderfull pilgrimmage you did.
Haver a nice flight, back to singapor.
Gilles (from zumaia to gernika)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gilles. You are the one from Bretagne. I remember. Glad you like it. Making it is not the main objective, the journey is, no?. And you are also part of my journey. It's a shame I did not have a picture of the two of you to post.