Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 36 - On the way to Cabo Fisterre

You can just about see the lighthouse at the end of the 3 plus km walk. Fisterra actually means the end of terra, or land's end. This is the end of the world before Columbus's discovery of the new world.

That said, there are a few Fisterra along the western coast, and I believe Portugal has the honor of having the geographical Fisterra. But this is the one that pilgrims go for after Santiago before heading back home. Don't have to get too technical on that. :)

There is also a story that a Galican has told me in the past. When God made the earth he rested his right hand on Galicia (he is left handed?). That is why Galicia has five prominent peninsula from A Coruña to Vigo. Fisterra is probably his third finger.

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