Saturday, December 7, 2013

Another Camino de Santiago Pilgrim

Here's the Camino video of Angie Park. There is a long story to this. Early this year Angie sends me an email representing her company (consumer products) doing a study on the Camino. I suppose she had found my Camino blog. Strange I thought, that a consumer related company would sponsor a study on the Camino. Heck, I'm getting paid for an interview over Skype so why not. It was quite an intense 2 hours interview. I never thought much about this afterwards until I got a personal email from Angie just a few days ago informing me that she had left her company and had walk the Camino Frances in Oct. What a pleasant surprise! Mentioned that she thought about some of the things I've said about the Camino while she's walking. How sweet! Anyone who walked the Camino automatically becomes part of the special family.

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