Tuesday, April 8, 2014

All packed

8.5 kg without food or water. Think I can do better next time.

Will need this experience to see if I can pack lighter or even without panniers next time to really reduce the weight.

As it is here's what makes up the weight.

2 x panniers

1 x saddle bag (1 extra tube, hex keys set, 15mm and 13mm spanner combo, patch kit, tire levers, front/lights, bungee cords 2 small 2 large, small wire lock)

1 x handlebar bag (carry on in the flight with light rain/parka jacket, extra 4000Mah battery for 2.5 charges, air pillow, iPhone with offline maps/gps waypoints plus cables)

The other stuff for the panniers are similar to walking.
1 zip off to shorts walking pants (wearing one)
2 dry fit shirts (wearing one)
1x1 liter water bottle (only one cage) probably will carry a 1.5 liter water in the rear rack.
1 pullover
1 bicycle helmet
1 bicycle pants (in case zip off to short pants is not ideal)
1 cycling cap
1 buff
2 pairs if sock
1 pair of crocs sandals
1 small bicycle pump
1 sleeping bag 16 degrees (not intending to sleep outside)
1 rain pants
1 old padded open finger gloves (wouldn't have any hand positions so some padding would be needed)
1 bottle of chain lubricant
1 bag for toiletries with basic first add (gauze, antiseptic spray, medical tape and something for diarrhea)
1 small towel

That's it. Leaving later tonight.

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