Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 1 - Orio Litta

Stop for the first day at Orio Litta. Luigi (right) is the mayor of this town and also in charge of the pilgrim lodging. He is very surprise someone from Singapore is cycling the via Francigena to his town I felt a celebrity than a pilgrim. He introduces me to everyone he meets. Everyone is so friendly in this town. So happy I chose this town to stop. There are only 4 beds here and there are in the tower. I didn't see any pilgrims in the late afternoon so as expected, I have the place all to myself. The facilities here is very modern and good and even has a kitchen. The major asked me if I wish to cook or eat out. I said out and he was so nice and volunteer to drive me a kilometer out to a restaurant. He also gave me his address and request that I sent him a postcard from Rome.

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