Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 10 - Last post of my via Francigena

Finally. Now it's a slow ride to find the b&b that I had booked earlier considering this is the Easter weekend near the Tiburtina station. Actually more of pushing the bike as there are so many tourist. Actually I am officially now a tourist too! It's not easy to move around Rome without bumping into a tourist spot. Too many, heres 2 of them. The place I am staying are more residential and its nice to see how the people of Rome actually live. Got a flat (third) right outside the street of the b&b! Fixed it at the b&b and have it cleaned up. Will be sad to let it go, my steed for the last 10 days.

Tomorrow I will just relax and maybe ride along the Appian way, the only thing I have not done in Rome.

The experience of riding a bicycle to Rome is great, but I would probably walk my next pilgrimages. It is very tough and I have to give up or push on some of the trails. It may be faster but you experience more when walking.

That's it. Till the next pilgrimage.


Rosalinda said...

Great Evan, Buona Pasqua!
Despite all the Rockrider has done his duty... :)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations and well done peregrino! What an adventure it had been to ride into Rome! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

kabe1968 said...

congratulations - i did the via francigena by foot in the last two years from lausanne to rome. i know it's harder than the caminos to santiago ...