Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 3 - Fiorenzola to Fornovo di Taro

I am back! It was a bit of a setback. I had to wait till the shop opens to get a replacement phone. Got me a cheap Sony android phone for 169 euros as my iPhone is waterlogged and hopefully I can get it fix when I get back. If I can't get it fixed then will have to be my replacement phone, I have to conserve internet access as Google maps are not offline. Then I went over to Fidenza and got a paper guide (italIan). Should have gotten the paper backup the first place. Ah technology! I had a taste of how things used to be before that. After Fidenza the terrain is no longer flat. Lots of rolling hills. I suppose tomorrow would be worse as I have to cross the Apennines mountain range to get to Tuscany.

There is another smaller stream to cross today but I am not taking any chance and got my bags across first before the bike.

The Italians are so friendly and I wouldn't have gotten through without their help. This mote than make up for the lack of interaction with other pilgrims!
So far I have few on the road, no one in a bicycle and none at the places I have stayed.

Posting this in the morning as I'd fell asleep drafting this. Today's gonna be tough I believe from the terrain. At least the bike is trying to live up to it's namesake, a Rockrider. It's so tough on some of the trails, but more on that later.

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