Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 5 - Lucca (outside the city)

Just my luck again. The rear tire struck a large screw (bottom left near the tire lever for size reference). How that got in ( its not even sharp) I have no idea. The hole is large enough there is no point to patch it up. I have to use my spare tube and had to remove the whole rear wheel. Then I found that my tiny spanner keeps slipping. The two guys (Moroccan) that just happen to walk by was so helpful one of them just went back to his place 50 meters away and gave me a socket for the wheel nut and even let me keep it. As I was fixing it I realized that the house I parked my bike next to is actually a b&b. No one was home but when I checked the internet for the number and called a lady picked up and told me she will be there in 5 minutes. Great! It was already 6:30 pm and it was getting late to finish the job and go another in Lucca to find the ostello. The even when grocery shopping with the owner of the house so I can by my dinner at the supermarket. So my stamp for today on the credential is the b&b. A little luxury today after a long and tired ride. Besides, I still need to readjust the brake clearance after taking out the rear wheel. That I will do tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed no more bike issues tomorrow to the walled city of Lucca and onwards to San Gimignagno.

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Rebecca said...

What a brilliant adventure you are having! And it is so much easier to make a decision to detour when on a bike. Love it! Ultreya!