Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 9 - Formello

Good thing I'd decided on Formello. Probably the last small town before Rome which is 35 km away and you can even see it in the valley. It's a youth hostel that is also an ostello and it's also a museum. The theme is a tribute to via Francigena with steps going from Dover and over to France and every town and city until Rome which is the roof where the pananomic view with Rome in the backdrop.

Yesterday in Bolsena there were 2 Italians and an English couple who arrived very late. Today there are guests with luggage so I guess they are not doing the via Francigena.

Lots of km today. Should be at the Vatican tomorrow before lunch if it is not raining. The weather seems accurate as I am seeing dark clouds coming in around sunset.

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