Saturday, April 12, 2014

This may be my last entry for a while

First I want to say I am okay. What happen today in the early afternoon was a crossing of a stream according to the guide. The water at the shallow point was below the knee and should be okay for walkers. Me with the bike I thought it was okay.

However, in the same manner as the movie The Way and someone who just follow the guide blindly, the bike was pushed to the deeper end. I managed to salvage my handlebar bag. Most of my documents are dry, but the not so protected iPhone is wet and now not working.

I have manage to go back a bit luckily there was a farm house and a nice man can Pietro help me recover the bike with the panniers. He even help me move the bike to a bike shop to have the cables adjusted. I spend 2 hours trying to dry my clothes in the panniers.

I have continued without much guide and now instead of Fidenza I am in Fiorenzola staying at a Parish Church. Too much reliant on technology without a paper backup, I will need to find a paper version guide hopefully tomorrow before I can continue.

Lots of drama here. Let me see how I can salvage this. In essence nothing is lost just that the iPhone is waterlogged and probably will not work. Se till the next time I am on the internet.

Too bad now I cannot even take any more pictures too!


Rosalinda said...

Bad luck! Let me know if I can help. Hope Iphone is not dead.

Rebecca said...

Oh no! All things considered glad at least u r ok and all documents r dry. Hope the phone dry out and recover!

stellasoave said...

oh my God....