Sunday, October 5, 2014

Camino Levante - Day 1 - Algemesí

Who on earth design this Camino with a 38 km on the first day? Arghhhhh. Anyway it is mostly walking in a extended urban environment. Occasionally rice fields and persimon fields. Was expecting oranges but didn't see any.

In any case as we started the day late around 9 am today and at 5 pm we were only 24 km in Almussafes. No albergue there, plus my boots virtually disintegrated just before arriving. I thought the same boots i  used 2 years ago for my Camino Del Norte may still have enough life left for the 10-11 days here. I was wrong. I guess the storage during this period has somehow caused binding of the boots to break sown. Have to use my Crocs sandal for the 2 km to Benifaió and train to Algemesí. Yes, cheated 12 km but hey, at least we save some money without having to pay for another hostal or pension and also put us back on track. As tomorrow is Sunday I have no choice but to continue walking with my Crocs sandal. Hope the Crocs will hold until Monday when the shops open again so I can buy a new pair (probably a track runner).

Funny that we have to register at the albergue with the police in Algemesí. It was already 8 pm when we arrive and a bit of a distance to the albergue and the police was really nice to give us a ride in their police car. Really nice!

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